Customer Service

Fast & Accurate Turnaround Time

Dedication to customer service is the benchmark of IHN’s foundation. From a practical standpoint this commitment translates into a consistent, efficient administration that processes work comp claims in a matter of days – not weeks or months.

Our internal process is accurate, efficient and responsive where paperwork never bogs down in a bureaucratic maze

Phone Response

In addition to a dedicated customer service staff, IHN utilizes an automatic call dispersal (ACD) system which allows customer service calls to be distributed over a wide access of knowledgeable IHN team members.

Ease of Use

Simple, Uncomplicated Operations

In addition to reducing claim turn-around time, IHN, Inc eliminates complications for work comp members. Participating providers file the claim, have agreed to fixed pricing levels and do not “balance bill” our members.

From a member’s standpoint, this means using the network is extremely simple. The employer simply directs the member to a participating provider and the system takes care of the rest.

Phone number: 317-573-6275 or (888.446.6670)

Fax number: 317-573-2745